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Prepare a Health Care Package for Your College Student


Sending your child off to college is a bittersweet experience. From the time your son or daughter took their first steps, you’ve dreamt about their potential. As they embark on the next stage of their lives, you can’t help but reminisce about memories of their childhood.

But, now it’s time to let them spread their wings and fly. Among the piles of college applications and late-night study sessions readying them for their next challenge, there is often an important item overlooked – preparing a health care package.

Your child’s health is more important than anything. We’ve prepared a list of to help your new college student should they fall ill or face an emergency.

Immunizations – Before leaving home, obtain an immunization form confirming your child is up to date. Also check with the school to learn if additional immunizations are required.

Proof of Insurance – Part of the enrollment process requires accepting or rejecting the college or university’s student health plan. T Opting out requires proof of current health insurance.  

List of Providers – Your student will now be miles away from his or her primary care physician. Before they arrive on campus, identify local physicians, walk-in clinics, and hospitals that will accept your coverage on an in-network basis. This can save you from some surprise bills.

Authorization Form – Once your child turns 18, he becomes a legal adult. This means physicians and medical staff will require pre-authorization to speak to you as their parent.

Health Insurance ID Card – Your child will need to have their own insurance card. This may require ordering a card before they head off to school.

With all this preparation your child will be set if he or she becomes sick or has a medical emergency. That’s one less thing for you to worry about as your baby bird leaves the nest!

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