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Finding Affordable Life Insurance for Diabetics



In 2012, 9.3% of the U.S. population was diagnosed with some form of diabetes.* If you have diabetes and think that you can’t find affordable life insurance than think again. Diabetics can find affordable life insurance, especially those who control their blood sugars with diet or oral medications. And, if you were diagnosed with late onset diabetes (after the age of 50) you very well could qualify for affordable “above average” rates.


How does diabetes impact life insurance rates?

Many factors impact your rates. The more recent the diagnosis the better, in that, over the long term, blood sugar medications harm our bodies. So someone diagnosed at age 65 with late onset diabetes is less of a risk for life insurance companies to insure than a 35-year-old who was diagnosed during adolescence.

If you are compliant with your doctor, rates are usually affordable.


The type of medications a diabetic takes also impact rates.


  • A type II diabetic taking only oral medications is less of a risk than a type I diabetic taking insulin.
  • A diabetics controlling their blood sugars with diet are even less of a risk than the other two.

Life insurance for diabetics is comparable to any other health concern. If you follow your doctor’s orders and your diabetes is under control your rates should be affordable. The key is always good control and following doctors’ orders.


If you are diabetic and looking for life insurance, be sure give us a call. We work with various companies to help you find most affordable life insurance rates for your condition. Remember, we’re here to help you get the best possible rate.


If you take care of your health, we can take care of finding you affordable rates for life insurance.


Note:  These statics were last reviewed in May 2015